Day Break coffee after Sunrise shoot!

Day Break coffee after Sunrise shoot!

I am from Venice Florida USA and grew up with friends from the circus that  had its base in Venice. They where well traveled, multi-lingual, creative, sporting and had a huge influence in my life. I started photographing my friends surfing and windsurfing this led to art school and to a tech school for photography.  I started shooting sports boats and windsurfing professionally. With the travel bug I moved to England working and traveling throughout Europe. For the past 20 years I have been based in the south of England. My client base is mostly marine with some airline work and life style. The life style incorporates people at work & play. Clothing, buildings, sport small and large products. I work through creatives from agencies and direct for manufacture’s. I have  good contacts and location around Europe and the USA. I am a full service photographer shooting from the boardroom to the work floor to the product and every thing in-between!  joemphoto@hotmail.com

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